Payment Reconciliation

Without an effective Accounting & Reconciliation process, it’s easy to lose track of your Flipkart payments given the enormous transactional volumes, marketplace fee complexities & returns.

We at Invi provide an automated account reconciliation software system that works on a real-time basis, saving you trouble from reconciling your orders manually.
We fetch payments of all shipped orders & further identify unpaid or overcharged orders, so that you can raise reimbursement claims with the marketplace.

What Do We Reconcile

  1. Commission Overcharges – Sales commissions depend on product categories and are usually calculated using a percentage of each unit’s price. Our system identifies any commissions that have been incorrectly charged and provides reports for the same, which you can use to file a claim with marketplaces.
  2. Shipping Overcharges – Marketplaces charge fees for shipping orders from the warehouse to the buyer’s address, based on the dimension, the weight of the product, and the location of the delivery. These charges are often erroneously calculated by marketplaces, leading to a surcharge. In such cases, our system helps identify & reconcile such overcharged shipping fees.
  3. Pick-Pack Overcharges – Packing overcharges usually include the cost of physically picking, packing, and shipping items from a Flipkart Fulfilment Center (FFC). If a marketplace incorrectly charges the order as per the dimension, our system captures such transactions and provides a report for the same.
  4. Fixed Fee & Collection Fee Overcharges – These fees are charged based on the Order item value & mode of payment. These fees are often charged incorrectly based on the Order item Value & Sale amount, leading to leakages.

We help reconcile your Flipkart orders at a transaction level with accuracy and confidence.

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